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Miscellaneous mistakes

your chest

i suppose you want to be the wanted in wreckage, to know that even the smallest thing can shake, is life itself, to wave water and find home in each aspect you touch, to run your hands in the sweetness of hair, to say a name that savours, to touch where a neck meets a shoulder in the fitting place for thoughts, to take up space like the wind of everything that will carry the fall of feathers but guide them too, to find what you are looking for against wild woods and roaring thunder and the salt on your lips whispering that you are bigger than any of it, to be tiny, tinier than that, to misspell but be understood, to make mistakes but see them as purposeful, to be you even after it all – completely unsupposeable, headstrong into the ruins, finding the wreck, and bringing back the treasures valuable to those who were.


About kacperniburski

I am searching for something in between the letters.


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