List of other blogs

For those fairing against the Essay-A-Week Challenge, below is a link to other blogs that are struggling against the emptiness of a white page. Each and every one of them are great – a testament of what creative passion mixed in with the freedom of summer can muster. Cherish what they write. Read them. Laugh with them. Or laugh at them, if need be.

Alec Thomson –

Anonymous Essayist –

Bahar Orang –

Brianna Smrke –

Chris Leckenby –

David Laing –

Jacob Zrobin –

Karen Wang –

Meg Peters –

Oskar Niburski –

Stephanie Wan –


One thought on “List of other blogs

  1. Any chance of seeing Streams of Destiny or The Perils of Improbable Potholes here?

    Posted by A. Nonymous | February 10, 2019, 1:10 am

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