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what i say that should be said to i

eat three meals daily save room for a fourth know that she will leave you empty   spill yourself into rooms where you don’t belong with people stuck on an idea that the ruined rise and fall fell sometime between the daily yawns and awkwardness that you hold on your chin not as a bruise … Continue reading

o ll o

the following is ollo, which isn’t a word but are letters needing to break out, that are full themselves, that are a blank face looking at you wondering if you are doing the same, that are a mirrored thought that you carry with you daily in slurps of coffee and occasional doodles that tells you … Continue reading

what was his name again

what do you tell her   do you say that i would fart loudly in public   do you recall when i would snore with spit pooling like a failed birth   do mention that it took me six long months to love you and only four short years to lose that love   do … Continue reading


you will want to mention the joke to the barmaids at the counter where people you grew up with have slobbered onto the worn wood made from trees nearby when the forest was cut down and the school was moved and the joke was first said on a day very much like today with the … Continue reading

contact light

you are leaving to the typography of unopened letters and uncooked meals where you say i am changing constantly but that may mean i may come back to me when i wasn’t i   this person already gone this person already unready this person who wants that one   with her dress floating as jellyfish … Continue reading