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Nursing piranhas

Cancer has been excised and I’m empty with nothing to talk about in my electric chair and at my desk that coughs with hope in a place it never should’ve lasted like a daisy in Time Square that was fed the suns of business though it is darkness now where I still sit unmoving the … Continue reading

Stars that die for people that live

Eyes to the light at the end of the tunnel see no shade and are taken away from here anywhere but here right now at 8 in the morning during rush hour that is quite slow and dead when I am alive but not for long at this rate because the subway is a glowworm where … Continue reading


It takes women to make you realize how lucky you were to have one and then how unlucky you were to have one because you’ll want more of her in someone else and her is not her here and she is not she there in someone else * If only people were to notice me … Continue reading

A slug in a snail suit

The poets below bellow that they wish they had met you before you billow into me because they meant every word for you and I mean everything that is left, which is only you and the space between me and the ground under our dancing, slippery feet that is swallowed by poets who use fault lines … Continue reading

Then or then

I wish to forget all for then I will not poison the memories I can’t remember and those I can’t change with fabrications of myself now for they never were for me even if they were me when I was happy or sad new or rewarded and with the disease I will be healed by the … Continue reading

When birds hump

How do you figure the world existed without the two of us fucking for the fruits of paradise like animals in the night crying out our own names to scare the birds who try to mimic our noise but they do it all wrong and we do it worse * Clothes hanging like meat after … Continue reading

Finger of god holding onto pink lingerie

Don’t use your sex against my sex during sex where we say nothing but hope for it all * The whole of the universe fits into a glass of wine and then, between us when it slips from the lip into ours * The fold of a bum is the edge of the universe kissed with … Continue reading

Goodbye skin

I was born out of alcohol and from it too and now I drink to my parents and the drinks they gave me that made me grow up only to drink something better than milk, unless the milk is combined with brandy – a slurry that is as spoiled as a boy who is nursed … Continue reading

The migrating shade

Drowning is just another way of breathing when you are where I am like the desert shade of my own body that can only protect one arm from getting burned when it is my head that gets the worst of all and my brain soon boils but at least it’s a cooled liquid compared to me … Continue reading

Lip hair fault lines

I am convinced all the good poetry has been written and all I’m left with is describing your lip hair as it points like a hesitant hedgehog afraid to show its blonde quills for fear they won’t protect you from someone like me who will spend their lifetime describing your lip hair as a light … Continue reading