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Last word, beautiful

As I sit here, I am moving ever so closer to death. The room feels tighter, my hands that much stiffer. It’s as though I can feel my youth seeping from my veins, my life escaping with each breath. Watching the flickering of a cursor, I can’t help but wonder how many blinks of the … Continue reading

Taking a shower

It’s the same like last time. Cold water. I shrug. There’s nothing I can do now. I step in and it stings my naked body in random spurts. I’ve been here before. One year ago? Two? I cannot recall. It feels so long ago. Nearly ancient history. But I remember our hesitance. I remember our … Continue reading

Worldly advice

If you are looking for advice, then look elsewhere. The only advice you’ll ever find here is that there is no advice at all – at least, none I could give you. Instead, I’ll tell you what a man once told me. With clothes that fit like a circus tent and shoes that fell apart … Continue reading

My son, my son

I should preface by saying that this isn’t a cry for help. Nor is it an otherwise lackluster student’s lament. Instead it is a realization that the summer sun is fleeting, and in its wake is a perpetual cycle of work, school, work, school, work, and school some more. Maybe I’m just tired of it. … Continue reading

The good Hitler

The following was written in anticipation for my thesis. The final copy is heavily changed. * “And I’d just like to thank Hitler for everything before us,” Ma says slightly drunk. Outside the rain pours on and on while inside the chicken broth bubbles, the French fondue froths, and smiles are passed around with ease. … Continue reading