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So, it begins: Essay-A-Week topics

Friends, recent graduates, and those who refuse to be bored, lend me your ears. And by ears, I mean keyboards, hours of otherwise fruitless activity, and unbeknownst wit and candor. For as the summer sun begins to rise and the tomes of textbooks are stuffed into the backs of a closet, the time has fallen … Continue reading

A cowboy hat

I used to pray. I really did. Every night, my knees found themselves on the hardwood floor and I whispered a dream of world peace, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and that my family would stop fighting. Other days I implored that I didn’t have to pray as much, especially to the person who … Continue reading

Year one

It’s been a year. We’ve grown. We’ve made mistakes. I have written to you, my blog, for exactly 365 days. I guess all I can say is we’re old farts now. It’s been nice. We’ve had a relatively symbiotic relationship, although in truth, you really haven’t said anything at all to me. It’s been a … Continue reading