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the grand crevice

at ninety i feel like i’ll finally understand how to live only to not be able to live with understanding and all i misunderstood * we have other nights together to try to renew the first night that brought on these * i see my life from a distance on a cliff that i hang … Continue reading

buried in sand

the night is tonight the day is today and the morning is mourning for the yesterday that never comes back no matter what you do and mostly don’t * i’ll sleep when i’m dead but i rarely feel awake when living and most of the time there’s something dying in me like a gene or a … Continue reading

life elsewhere

she spills the moon into my hands while i wave goodbye trying not to let the water well up or crash this city which looks so beautiful with its buildings all lit up like distant stars where life may be if only i climb into the night and let it climb into me but then … Continue reading


big blind i fold wrinkles won * numbness in growth leads me to not feeling and not being sharp enough to figure out the solution to the cycle that tightens like a noose till numbness * take in the air and find that winter smells like burning and summer is cool nights where we can … Continue reading

frosty was frosty

look i don’t want to look at me in your eyes because i hate what you see in me and what i can’t see in you because i’ve blocked you with my i’s * some people are just made for unhappiness like snowmen who don’t like the smell of carrots and who prefer the warmth of … Continue reading

making maki

i was told i feel too much and i felt it though telling no one and waiting for it to poison like too much sushi another fact i wish i wasn’t told * it is known that those depths of the unknown in humanity are found in the depths of humanity * champagne flutes sing and you … Continue reading

clam chowder

the point of this existence is to realize there is no point and keep going until blunt * i have worked out a way to get through this thing and it is to work out a way to get through * i drink and i drunk and i drip i onto i with laughter solidified … Continue reading

revolution in evolution

the following are thoughts holding tight. they loosen when i crack my fingers here, but it is all just bone wearing, wearing, worn. * atoms meet meat asking one another what they would’ve wanted to be if they could’ve been something other than atoms   they say nothing   * there was a bombing and … Continue reading

fancy fantasy

  imagine the life i could live if only i could imagine life more * what is my purpose on this earth may be answered in not asking because this earth ain’t so hot and is a place that is just a place where loss is loss a buildup of breakdown that sees the earth … Continue reading

clouds stopping sun

we all just got here but stay a while with me so i can start to know where i want to want and with who which may include you if you give me the time to show you me how i’m like we just getting here hoping for a there there and a here here … Continue reading