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how long is long how long is is how long is how how long is now when separated from you with the closest memories of watching you fold over like a sunflower in the shade that comes but not before the fall of two lovers caught in the cooing of bees who mean something to … Continue reading


save me from me for me with me and without me saved * i am nostalgic for an era i never knew with people that have known me in the sloppy kiss of a woman or a dog that is sitting on my lap wagging to the beat of my vestigial tail to a tune … Continue reading

less bows

the following is not very good, which is very good. * one is not free until they stop thinking so much about freedom won * i miss the way you made me me and feel like i need not miss you   unmade unfeeling no ways * love is the reason but i suppose it … Continue reading

long division

love is unsexy crammed into disgusting dribble and a myriad of everyday worn tiny things like mowing the lawn into small comforts and lengths you decide after fighting about it to avoid the weeds from growing though they always do and though you come to like them there in the disappointing dirt where no seeds … Continue reading

an a

the following is. * i suppose what can be the problem is that even the trees know that they must stop short of the sky whereas humankind looks up problematizes and supposes what can be in the clearing once the trees are cut down * don’t let the stink get to you   there is … Continue reading