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Clair de Lune

Though I’m sure that as the author of this blog I’m supposed to wait until everything is readable by at least editing and editing again, I promised that I’d write 1000 words daily and here they are and then some. Given the quality of the post, I might be better quitting while I’m ahead. Regardless, … Continue reading

Small talk at the edge of the Universe

I’m told that there are places on this Earth where entire galaxies move effortlessly. At these horizons, the Milky Way spreads out like a bowl of cereal and the stars float around like flakes in seemingly infinite blackness. Red merges with green and blue with yellow and a kaleidoscope of colours – the stew of … Continue reading

Away, but not today

I’ve been away, though I’m not sure what I’ve been away doing. Looking back on the summer, I see each week as though covered in a haze. Night and morning change with the ease of a light switch, and I find myself stuck trying to connect the blurs of the days into some coherent form. … Continue reading

In the beginning, the middle, and the end

The following was drafted for my thesis. The final copy was heavily edited. * In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth, which most consider a pretty good start in comparison to the alternative. In the middle, God started to get a little antsy as he learned of places left unfinished since the … Continue reading