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Learn only to relearn

To think we’d both come this far. Yes, my dear reader, we have done it. Applause is certainly recommended, if not warranted for you and I, whether for better or for worse, thick or thin, sickness or health, have clambered through weeks upon weeks of writing. Sometimes what we found was good. Other times, bad. … Continue reading

My people

As it turns out, I am a human. Although it would seem that such an assumption should already be understood by some twenty years of existence, I have realized recently that it is not. Instead, I have been persisting in a delusion. For a while now, I thought that my self-worth was something guaranteed. I … Continue reading

As I type

As I type, your hair is sprawled spaghetti over a pink plush pillow. It is messy. It is tangled in an unkempt slew of knots. It hasn’t been washed in three days. It is perfect. The first time we met, I could’ve sworn it was sunny – even though I know very well it was … Continue reading

Oskar’s Wild

My brother, the poet. Even as I type that, I laugh. Who would’ve ever thought that my inferior twin brother, the one who is afraid of diving, the one who is allergic to horses, the one who could never write the alphabet without it looking like a slasher-movie victim, the one who had to perform … Continue reading

Through the eyes of a biologist

It is no secret: I am no biologist. As I grow older, and the world mystifies, amazes, and confuses me more so, I realize that no one is though. Instead, what we are – and what we remain to be – is a shelling of a fleshy cadaver bred from billions upon billions of years … Continue reading

Girls, girls, girls

This one is to all the ladies out there. You know, those foxy-single-estrogen-spewing-interested-intellectuals-who-read-blogs-by-struggling-nobodies. You know, those late-night-visiters-to-random-pages-because-they-are-trying-to-stave-off-boredom. You know, those picturesque-bombshells-and-grotesque-ogres-alike. You know, the girls. Oh my ladies, how you treat me by reading this. Your presence. Your perfume. Your complexion. It’s all too flattering. Heart-warming, even. This, of course, is addressed to the one … Continue reading