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if i were to tell you about me, i think i’d start with the fact that i used to believe that all airplanes were from italy because of their green and red lights, and that my father once told me the plural of fish was net, and on bright brimming days where i am not … Continue reading


Dear the Hiring Committee of Poets & Writers, My application began twelve years ago. I was twelve and he was thirty three and we were in love. I apologize for beginning with the smatterings of pedophilia and without introducing myself in the usual professionalism and pleasantries fitting for someone who is pleasant and fit and … Continue reading


Dear dear, Few things are as holy as holding the hollow lumen of a heart. Here, the beat does not bow. The only master is the winter of metal, the machine that stops the pounding of the meaty tires on that long, lively road. When I first shadowed cardiac surgery, I saw this sacredness splayed … Continue reading

reverse birth

i killed my first patient. she was young, dressed by light, poked by the first grey hairs that waved like the slippery sign of spring crushing the ice of an ancient lake. she wore a warm orange sweater. her nails were painted blue. and she was going to die. i greeted her, took her history. she smiled throughout. said … Continue reading

Mocha and me

The sun chokes on cloud and I am where I was when I was. Ten years ago was the last time. The first, I’m not sure. Ten years before that, I believe. Three to twenty-three. Not speaking to speaking to not speaking again. Baby talk throughout. Even here, now, at 50 Point Conservation area in … Continue reading

Squelch squelch squelch squish squish squish

I’m having a difficult time crafting something beautiful. I feel overwhelmed with the possibilities, swallowed by them as though I were in a whale. I only have guts and slime to work with. I can’t tell which anatomical part is what. All is hazed in similarity and goo. The same tissue and muscle and fat. … Continue reading

You’ll see

There was this boy, though there always is, and this girl, though there always is, and she was blind and he wasn’t so he thought she looked pretty nice and he promised the impossible willies of improvisation like that he’d make her happy and make her lovely and fix her eyes too, and she said … Continue reading

The state of all

Everything is terrible, because capitalism bought our need and confused it with want; because want was not enough; because enough was a concept defined by people who wanted, needed, and confused themselves before we were born; because we were born; because others weren’t, others who could change and mobilize, not be so lazy to sit and … Continue reading

Why the sky is blue

I have become my parents. They ask me questions and want help and in that shift of how and which remote and can you build me a website, they stop being my parents with certainty and answers like what is a lever for or why the sky is blue and I stop being them too … Continue reading

A blackhole

I am the son of a son of a son of the Sun, which is a yellow blob that blobs yellow in my hair, which is a product of happenstance and mutation and love and anything but, which is an anatomical feature that I have and am lucky enough to share with my family who … Continue reading