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A bug’s meaning

A mean poem meaning meaningfulness during our meaningless Mean – yamean? * You didn’t ask to be here, Which is a completely reasonable complaint Given the winters and parents And elbow-climbing bugs that Crawl like you Eat like you Yet do not think like you, But now that you are Ask Why not instead? There is an entire life to … Continue reading


My breath smells in the morning After a night that I can neither Remember or forget But that still went on Somewhere at some time in some place With someone who sucked The air from within And transferred their own Short, violent hiccup That swallowed a tongue And clattered with teeth And whirled spit with spit … Continue reading

Love’s luck

Dear dear, Love’s a hard bargain. Out of billions upon billions of people, of which you’ll only meet a few, out of the millions upon millions of those who live in the country you inhabit, of which you didn’t have much say in, out of the thousands upon thousands who you see daily, of which … Continue reading


He bites Where there is no meat Only bone And sweat And fat That sucks a voice Into it Saying There is a rock That does not roll For there is no hill Just land that flattens All into a square Then a line Then a dot So small That it can’t have said to be … Continue reading