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thinking on thinking

mornings have regretted the night before but have still picked off the shadows that are leeches gleaned from a stream of yellow that smell like piss in a daylight that sees me there clothed yet still naked moving in the direction opposite from the world’s spin trying to regain tomorrow’s tomorrow with a little bit … Continue reading

july always

that great june light that throats summer into a call of plants gobbling and bugs that coo only for a ravenous month and mouth that’ll ruin the harvest in fall but now rests among the wave of yellow that sees me aiming for another planet with my piss drunk and hollering that i’ll water the … Continue reading

history book in our spine

a poem every direction:   wish you were here here wish you were were here wish you you were here wish   a direction: every poem * i worry that history has narrowed its focus on me and will one day be called back by the vindication of my flesh a child caught up in … Continue reading

lift off

they say it small almost a whisper to carve you into a beautiful statue after an earthquake that can finally see the day light but instead notices the rubble around that is shaped like its left foot   you are nothing * face bent towards the honeycomb sky dripping being into her while she suckles … Continue reading

he has his

knuckles blocking out the sun for the man is pregnant with a fatherhood that suckles the honey dripped summer where he wants to be but not burdened with being and the nights that swallow crowing murder when the mother is emptied by him huffing a childhood nursery rhyme he can’t exactly remember but whose beats … Continue reading

uh, lone

i know the loneliest sentence   that after all of it i no longer think about you though you gave me it after all of that   i know the loneliest sentence   where among the prison of others there is little to be barred from except the heads that match heartache to the hands … Continue reading

Ease to east: an extra seat

To ease to east, you need cycle through the seasons, through reoccurring weather of sun and shine and rain and clouds, and through cloudy, dripping, sun-burnt you. The doubts. The insecurities. The why are you doing this? Why are you bicycling through to Halifax? Why ride? Most answers given for adventure border on the sniffling, … Continue reading

meat casserole

be aware there are men falling from maples red and drained for the arbor was no armor which is close to love in french even though they never spoke it with their tongues stuck in others’ mouths who never learned their language and sat at dinner peeling back like the wood of the chairs or … Continue reading

handy feet

curiosity mandates to look up at the stars rather than one’s feet but real curiosity is knowing that one’s feet were once stars and look how up they can go if only you learn to stand on your hands in ways stars never could * i bring the sounds left behind like dust that were … Continue reading


i went to a show to see a comedian and he gave me what i expected: laughter continually chuckling there by himself and perhaps knowing how big of a joke it was for me alone them alone we alone to gaze at him to try to feel less lonely ourselves * our lives are spent … Continue reading