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Oldest profession in the world

I’ve been selling myself for a while. A little paycheck hangs off each word. Not to say that any of these sentences are worth a damn; they are not. It’s just that I’ve been doing little pieces of freelance work, nothing to brag about, and I’ve been paid for it. That’s how this whole wild … Continue reading

The shed

They killed Jesse behind the shed. It was on one of the mornings where the sun doesn’t seem like it’s going to rise, and it just sits there on the haze. It titters and totters, it dips and drops, and just when you think it’s not going to make it and there will be night … Continue reading

A love letter from a lover of letters

Dear dear, I fell out of love with you. Please don’t get upset. Please don’t stop reading there. Though sometimes an entire relationship can end in a sentence, don’t let ours halt at the period. Instead see the white around it, and know that there is always a space after the tiny dot. It may … Continue reading

The king of kings, angels, and grapes

The following is content inspired from 1 Kings, 21. It tales the tale of Naboth who does not give his land to King Ahab because it is written, “I will not give you my ancestral inheritance.” * You were stone turned to flesh, and this is how I met you. Much of your skin had … Continue reading