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Battle of Waterloo

I’m told history is doomed to repeat itself, but I never thought I was worth the consistency. Again this year, just like last, I was rejected as a TA in West Thought 2A06. I write this not in angst, but in unbelievable denial that even when I’m serious, I’m not worth the effort. Perhaps I … Continue reading

Up and down

“Wouldn’t it suck if someone farted right now?” Only five minutes had passed since the elevator stopped functioning and a bad joke was his way of introduction. Before the creaking of structural steel and the zipping of some electrical failure, my first impression of Kacper Niburski was that he was the type of person that … Continue reading

Third time’s a charm

This is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. School has finished, summer has become, and I’m sure there’s something to be said about it all. Here’s your chance: Essay-a-week Challenge. I’ll let David do most of the talking: “Hark, essayists!  Bloggers, behold! The school year has drawn to a close, … Continue reading