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sun setting

yesterday was the day to plan the future but it was hurting beauty bleeding blue into a sky scabbed with clouds one that has seen too much red balanced on razor horizons where things always look brighter like tomorrow which may be just as suitable to catalogue a life into segments of sleep wake sleep … Continue reading


i am trying to define loneliness for you but you wouldn’t understand which is exactly it * i have been able to avoid being alone by avoiding i and what i have been * there is little like loneliness which is perhaps why there is little loneliness except for in poetry where each line is … Continue reading

microwave pasta poisons the birds

it is not love that will get rid of that feeling of lack of love it is not pain that will absolve numbness it is not what it is that makes is it and it is not not that makes you come to know no but instead it is you there waiting for something that … Continue reading