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Things better left unsaid

….a life I thought that I would never be so fortunate to live. A beautiful life. Yet as I write, wrists worn by the ceaseless shaking of rheumatoid give way to the babbling of bones and a stomach fueled by little more than the desires of a sweet tooth precariously rumbles around like a dam … Continue reading


Dear you, I promised you I wouldn’t lie. But it’d be far from the truth if I said that for a better part of a year, I didn’t think about you. I tried. I really did. I forgot your favourite colour was salmon pink. I forgot about your favourite restaurant. But for one reason or … Continue reading

A breakfast for one

If breakfast is the most important meal, then today must be the most important day in my life for today is the day that I will have breakfast with anyone I want to. Everything has to be prepared. One slip up, and I might certainly be disappointed. Both of us might. Who knows – my … Continue reading