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sea gall

we have lost the language of the broken and been left only with poetry that breaks to give us back the words one line by one line by one line till with images of us dangling life lines in fluffy yellow slippers we’re lost again * choose being spirit don’t wait for soul * we … Continue reading

father’s day

i thought i wasn’t thinking until i held out my hand in belief and callous developed to break hearts after following a shadow which hid underneath my mother’s eyes like a child under a blanket listening to a fight that must’ve not ended yet since whenever a beginning began and hearing silence then footsteps then … Continue reading

that memory of you remembering me

i don’t think there’s a good way to explain thinking but this is what i think it would look like doing don’t * remember nostalgia always has the upper hand * don’t crawl so far up your own asshole that you forget that other people shit too * birds tell me of their ambitions but … Continue reading

oar or ore

the map bumps and waves with ridges that aren’t mountains just the suffering swelling from the beginning with water ready  to wet the world in burning like a fire in winter or the one at the top  of the snowy peak that keeps me alive fingers footing a path after i’ve lost my way back … Continue reading

refuse refuge

to those who don’t understand why refugees board boats it is not because they do not fear the sea but because they are already drowning on land * i just want to be understood don’t you understand don’t you want the same i don’t know i don’t understand myself it is not just nor what … Continue reading

stand alone

you must protest you must defeat defeatism you must allow yourself to see that if this is it if this is the worst you can imagine at least it won’t be worse and that it is this where you are still you before you weren’t you a protester a defeater a you the most must … Continue reading

r is (our)

on the pain of the world that makes us want to get off it: there are those who don’t understand that they climb back to the waters not to find the origin of life but to have a death that is quite average and respectable and that may have a nice ceremony though they aren’t … Continue reading

act(ion) positively

every time i drink i am reminded of why i hate drinking which makes me drink more and become hate re-minded: an every time drunk * fiction creates a universe poetry is one * let it be known that your existence is a revolutionary act of resistance for to change it all all of it … Continue reading

so-me s-craps

the perfect sentence has not been written yet for in writing there is no perfect sentence it exists only in yet * freedom is not having no fear but instead not fearing no * nothing works well except perhaps nothing * don’t want to lose that love by using words like love that have felt … Continue reading

decapitate winter

the summer in her breath settles the city inside shade providing momentary coolness where i bungle my words against a wall of teeth like like like i like you but she’s gone addressing the harvest that will come from someone else not like me * poetry is me sitting here stuck wishing i was standing … Continue reading