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Dear dear, I want to tell you of the summer where I went crazy. It was hot and I was wet with wilderness the way the ocean is when it combs rock into the soft cooing of a beach and he hadn’t quite killed himself yet. My dad would tell me that we do not … Continue reading


you know what i am looking for the wild words that hold me when others do not the dripping down my leg from a little life lived the deep hungry earth decomposing in the thrust of another season that thing that was there before love was all there was those thick words wet with the … Continue reading

when when meant something

dear dear, it was said that this would be the time of my life. sometimes, it is. days wear sunlight and i can hear an ocean miles away. some of the salt is found in my cup. other times, though, i sit here, baked by the sun, burnt by it, thinking what it means to be turned … Continue reading