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Feminism without women

I don’t agree with the following anymore and I don’t agree with my disagreement either. * Daily Dose: Feminism without women Published in The Silhouette, January 21 2015 Ladies, hold on to your knickers. Things are going to get messy for what follows in a pudding-like consistency is an argument for feminism without women. Listen. I … Continue reading

Directing the artist

The following is following the followers. I should add I do not agree with it anymore, which is also the followed. * Daily Dose: Woody Allen’s art, not his life, deserve praise Published in The Silhouette, January 15, 2015 Though I’m not a fan of his work or the messy celebrity circle jerk that goes on … Continue reading

Early and late

The early bird gets the worm But is it late Or is it early When the sun climbs Over a mouth of darkness And I am awake With worms underneath my feet – The grass a salad of wetness And hungry dirt that licks My soles Into a soon-to-be imprint That I’ll only see When it … Continue reading

How to win the MSU Presidentials

The following is political teeter-tottering and pandering, unless you don’t want it to be. * Daily Dose: How to win the MSU Presidentials Published in The Silhouette, January 14 Sing the anthem. Raise the flag. Do, uh, a salute or whatever. Because in a week’s time, McMaster will be host to pageantry a year in the … Continue reading

Who I am

The following is a reflection of the author and not of this organization. * I’ve been assaulting you for a week now, but despite all I have written, I’m just a collection of sentences. Some would say you do not know me; you instead know what I have presented to you. But I don’t think … Continue reading


Give me prose, short, nasty, crumbling, while I wish for the rocketry of poetry. * The third law states That for every apple There is a tree And a man who Sits underneath it with A belly full of Fruit that grows into Seeds of thought that Leave him wondering what Body is pulling him. * … Continue reading

one eye closed

Sloan Thill is a man who is hard to reach and who promises to be harder next time. His house sits on a seedless patch of mud off the coast of Yacolt Burn State Forest in Washington, which he later boasts has the highest number of serial criminals per square kilometre. It is a small wood … Continue reading