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saying said

the following is until i can’t. * say it until there is no more to say until there is no more no more until there is no till for you are breathless on your dirty back watching the ceiling climbing the floor falling and the air in between spreading further away from you   you … Continue reading


the following is due to the death of gordie downie. i did not know him. i listened to him infrequently. and i am broken too. * all those things that left in the morning behind that closed yellow door and the pants that aren’t put on quite right yet a car that spits smoke on … Continue reading

to be read later

couldn’t stop the smoking so i swallow the cigarette   couldn’t coo the crying so i tether the tissues   couldn’t mend the ending so i look as you leave * swallowing you alive in gasps that tell of a story of something besides me spilling myself at your feet where i sift and slip … Continue reading

route o

the following is not good. but neither am i. * so familiar the hand holding at a distance to bring another close while here the cold circles like sleepless nights or a tree already cut wondering where the fallen fruit goes if flowers shine around   * to see with my own eyes my eyes … Continue reading


i suppose you want to hear how it all went away where the words that were never said go and the dreams unaccomplished rest among the children of an eunuch and the camp fire stories told by prometheus but i am tired of this language there is so much noise in us already the bannister … Continue reading