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The Day of Celebration – Part 1

The bed covers curled away from Vaughn’s fingertips as he awoke to the sounds of Bach. Yesterday it was Beethoven. The day before, it was Mozart. Today, though, he knew that the symphonies crashing through his window could only mean one thing. Today was the Day of Celebration. Vaughn stretched himself away from the warmth … Continue reading

Nightly ambitions, morning regrets

I’m drunk. Maybe that’s not the best way to begin a post, and perhaps it is a forewarning of what is to come more than anything else, but there is no other way to say it. Apparently the first part of discovering one self is acceptance. So I’m accepting what I am and what I … Continue reading

Valentine’s day, sweetheart

I wrote these words once long ago. They date back to the beginning of time when a boy was foolish enough to believe in anything but himself, when love was a four letter word that was perched onto lips but never spoken, and when pains in his chest were the best parts of living. * … Continue reading

The chemistry of love

This Valentine’s Day, save the chocolate, burn the roses and stop the cheesy love poems. Such sentimentalities won’t foster a loving relationship because love is not some innate, abstract emotional response. It’s just chemistry. Before I explain further, let me dissuade any possible illusions. No my heart wasn’t bitterly broken nor am I of the … Continue reading