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Life happened

First semester is over. Christmas is 29 days away. I am nearly three eighths done my university education. Where has the time gone? I remember when days used to matter. Every second was spent running up and down grassy hills and all I needed to build an airplane was my arms. Scabs licked my knee … Continue reading

Dancing on a boat

You awake. Somewhere. Where that is, you’re not exactly sure. While it’s true you have gained consciousness, your eyes are slow to open. Or maybe, they already have opened and you just haven’t recognized it. Coupled with that is the fact that imperceptible darkness could very well surround you. Heck, you may even be blind. … Continue reading

7 billion problems, but a baby ain’t one

If one looks at the world from space, they will be met with luscious green expanses, bubbling white clouds, and imperceptibly deep-blue waters. From above, the Earth would appear harmless, unassuming, almost as if nothing could go wrong. And yet. On October 31st, the seventh billion person was born. That person is Danica May Camacho. … Continue reading

Laughing in response

If you didn’t already know, I’m an asshole. I’m a dick. I’m distasteful. I’m disrespectful. I’m disdainful. And most notably, I’m disgusting. Surprisingly, such comments did not come from my ex-girlfriend – no matter how warranted such a response may be from her. Instead, they came from my peers, the group of individuals I associate … Continue reading