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I’m in a bathroom and so is she, a hair found in the inside of my pee-pee. Did she put it there or did I, when we were kissing, foundling, a sexual goodybye? I pull it out, the buoy in a rumbling sea Piss screams, and we bleeds from me.

A tall candle

The candle starts tall Before sputtering To burn bright, Bright enough to make It small And smaller yet Until it is only a wick And a weak flame That could light The whole house on fire.


“Who’s the best writer you know?” Well, I am. Sure I could’ve not started with well and I could’ve written some riff-raff that really got ya moving and swinging right from the start like warm water in a shower that just makes ya sing. But knowing these possibilities doesn’t take away from the claim. I … Continue reading

Professional toiletry

I sometimes think that if the sun would explode, I wouldn’t notice. I’d just wake up like I always do with a grunt and a heavy hand hitting snooze. Another alarm would go off and another grumble would accompany it. We’d battle for the airwaves – an electronic cacophony and a Cro-Magnon vestigial etymology – … Continue reading

Leftover dinner

Chip a tooth from the Universe, Or maybe just kiss a bit too hard And you’ll find that any love story you tell Can be told with the same taste And smell And eventual bite-marks that never quite heal Because for a while, a shorter while than you knew they knew you knew, Another person … Continue reading

Modern Sisyphus

The following was influenced by Albert Camus quote, “Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?” * Should I kill myself or update my Facebook? Maybe I can see how many likes I can get instead. That’d be nice. It could also not be nice, though. I could get three only. How many … Continue reading

The inside out

I am convinced that if there is anything like happiness, it is found in belly button lint. Take a look, and you’ll see clothes contained in a little hole that opens its hungry mouth at every moment. Press up against it. Have a person grab you close. Walk slowly, hesitantly through the falling leaves in … Continue reading

Page 84

I’m in a library. There are many books around me. Some are on the floor. Others are littered over tables. There’s an organization to the stacks, but I don’t know it. They aren’t arranged by height or colour or any particular pattern I can recognize. I open one book and it’s in a language I … Continue reading

The future

Five years from now: Before I hear the knock, my hand is in his guts. Blood climbs my elbow, but the guy doesn’t notice. Just lays there as his pancreas then his small intestine then is large intestine wiggle around awkwardly like a highschool dance. His appendix groans. It is inflated so much that a … Continue reading


Hi. This is you. Here you are. Here I am too, but you do not know that yet. You’ll only find it out after a lifetime of remembering and forgetting alike. It’ll be a lot. It’ll be a little. It’ll be all you have for it is all you are: this stream of consciousness at … Continue reading