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at least

at last this first lending itself to a second second though you have dined full of emptiness and the paradoxes of making sense the listlessness of it of explaining it of talking about talk and how it isn’t much of how which you are told is hi in another language which you never learnt in … Continue reading


meat burnt lava lost in the earth i am told you still drip into waters that leave you hard creating an island where no man is for the only ones who are what they eat are the cannibals who share your fire and your feast of us   (do it do it) (well done)   … Continue reading

90 degrees

i have seen couples who haven’t met yet break up after being hunched over each other’s shadows to gobble the darkness that only the brightest of suns will soak to leave a line of black that will be ceaselessly vertical normal at the right time though not yet dear not at this moment when there … Continue reading

who and who

sometimes there is too much life that you feel you are too little living or worse that you aren’t and then to continue to survive you must end you must * in order to become all that you wished you must stop wishing and do * it is true that one day you’ll make it … Continue reading

should i say something

i promised to i and the i in her that sits at the rim of her mouth swinging and drinking slurping my words back in silence that only a dead bird knows how to sing that i would never let her fly away again for there is no room for carry-on or the life packed away … Continue reading

badly bad

The following is bad poetry only because I feel worse, not bad enough to stop. * and what will you tell them when after all of this there were moments i left you speechless * little is like the loss of the living except for maybe the living loss of the little likes * we … Continue reading

lone art

The following was inspired by Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art” which in some ways feels like a lone loan into herself, or maybe me. * The arts of losing isn’t hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster.   Spring will wilt first, then … Continue reading

is it is

i am starting to see you in places we never visited but where you still leave me first at a subway that closes as an oyster with the smell of an ocean wafting though i am miles away which is to say i do not know where i am only where i am going which … Continue reading


there was a death on the subway though they made it to their stop and saw a girl looking back at them through the darkened glass and he wondered if there was something on his face and he remembered he didn’t eat all day because he was told that it would be better to lose … Continue reading

too soft

the following is repeated but unrepeatable. * the hardest thing you must learn is that you will not always be hard and then wrecked ruined and runny you will find you have learned nothing but still lost too much * the most difficult thing to learn will be that they will not love and you … Continue reading