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Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel, I know I usually refer to you by your last name and first name together but please understand that things change and greetings are just one of those things. Today you bore witness to all its mutability: I shook your hand when I greeted you and asked how everything was. I used to … Continue reading

A word, Kacper

You spent hours awake and then you found the answer. You found the Word you were looking for. It hadn’t been defined yet, and so you didn’t know what you were looking for back then and there. You tell yourself that you can’t be blamed for being lost when it never existed in the first … Continue reading


The title of my blog is fitting because more often than not, my pieces are riddled with misspellings, syntactical flubs, and heinous grammatical violations. As a writer, I should be more careful. I should write, then rewrite, then rewrite again in that order. But I often don’t. There is too much to do, too much … Continue reading

The moon

“The moon looks red tonight.” “What?” “It looks red.” “Where is it?” “Over there.” “There?” “No not there.” “Then where?” “There.” “Oh I see it now.” “And?” “Well…” “Yes?” “It’s most certainly the moon.” “Yes, of course it is. That’s what I’ve already said. But what about it?” “What do you mean?” “Well what does … Continue reading


Dear Kacper, I think I should start with a hello, though it may be wasted on you. Business, and the slack jaw rapidness of an auctioneer, is your mode of conversation, so I’ll instead hope that wherever you are, it’s sunny and you’re happy. I can’t tell if you are, to be frank. I know … Continue reading

A joke told in Auschwitz

The greatest joke I ever heard was when I was eleven in Auschwitz. My family and I arrived by a German car that was crammed with bags and snacks and elbows rubbing together. Grass combed over unused rusted tracks and as we walked towards enormous gates that were wide open, one couldn’t help but feel … Continue reading