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new fish burgers

Dry in Wendy’s being told she never existed by a man who didn’t till now when he needed a few dollars to get a fish burger that slapped around into his mouth where he said any path is home to ghosts because they pull at you, the millions of people you couldda met and couldda … Continue reading

A writer

I’m told you’re a writer. Not really. What do you do then? Some things. Like what? I teach. What? Chemistry sometimes. Do you do chemistry? Not anymore. Then why teach it? I guess because I can, because I did do it for a while. Sounds like an excuse. Maybe. You must’ve not enjoyed it enough. … Continue reading

Royal flush

God may not play dice, but he certainly has a good poker face. Thing is I don’t know if he is bluffing about his cards or about the game. Or maybe, as the puddles of coins shrink and overflow in uneven, unfair proportions, oozing and draining from the sewer grates that are the surrounding hands, … Continue reading


Hey blog. Hi. Are you busy? No. I brought you a present. Here. What’s this for? Your birthday. When was that? Look – I get it. I’m sorry. Me too. No, really. I’m sorry. I missed your birthday. I didn’t wish you on the 21st of April. I’m late. There’s no excuse… But? But… ya. … Continue reading

one eye closed

Sloan Thill is a man who is hard to reach and who promises to be harder next time. His house sits on a seedless patch of mud off the coast of Yacolt Burn State Forest in Washington, which he later boasts has the highest number of serial criminals per square kilometre. It is a small wood … Continue reading


Are you ready for the interview, Sloan Thill? Is that a question? Yes. Are you? Again, yes. I just wanted to make sure this time was still convenient. I had signed up for it, so why wouldn’t it be? I just like to verify that everything is alright before I begin, if there was a … Continue reading

The meaning of life, and other lessons

A writer who talks about writing doesn’t deserve to have written in the first place. Fittingly, I did that below. It is an example of how little I know about the craft, really. So does using really, really. It was for a class analyzing science as a mode of cultural transmission. I wrote science fiction … Continue reading


I’m drunk and feeling good and I might as well tell them. Heck. They keep asking questions. So many questions. Why this? Why that? Why aren’t you answering truthfully? They aren’t saying the last one, but it’s suggested in their shrugs and their coughs and the silence afterwards. They can tell I’m dodging. They see … Continue reading

An answer

Look. You’re okay. It’s just another rejection. Look. You’re okay. You’re still typing, still banging off on a keyboard. It’s got to mean something, particularly because you wrote the word meaning and that means something, right? You don’t know. But you’ve looked and you’re still here, wherever that is. You wish it were someplace else … Continue reading


“Who’s the best writer you know?” Well, I am. Sure I could’ve not started with well and I could’ve written some riff-raff that really got ya moving and swinging right from the start like warm water in a shower that just makes ya sing. But knowing these possibilities doesn’t take away from the claim. I … Continue reading