Cardiac cannibalism

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and then there he is in the middle of the sun that could’ve made for a beautiful day if he wasn’t in front of it and could’ve spread singly into a beautiful flower behind me if i weren’t there either, telling me as a gentleman would how he fucked my girlfriend in shaky, full arms … Continue reading

How to become a BETTER writer!!!

Oh man! Writing is fuuuuuuun. Deep too. Here’s some tips (haha, get it????!?!?!) on how to do it (hahahaha, get it again) BETTER! 1. Avoid not having fun, silly. 2. Use some nice words nicely. 3. Watch as all you have done, all you have made becomes undone and unmade by a heartbreak you didn’t … Continue reading

This place

Dear dear, I want things to be okay. I suppose we all do. We work and eat and shit in order to ensure that our needs are met, our bowels flushed, and our wants achieved in some capacity. Survival is not enough. Okay is. Okay is okay. It is good. It is great. It is … Continue reading


Dear dear, I slobber. I suppose you know this in your ceaseless scrub-scrubbing of bedsheets, the pillows that dribble with drizzles of enzymes and undigested food, and the hair that holds prime nibbles and germs. Your mouth too, from my kisses. It’s been a while since I’ve kissed you, and a while longer since my … Continue reading

Love’s luck

Dear dear, Love’s a hard bargain. Out of billions upon billions of people, of which you’ll only meet a few, out of the millions upon millions of those who live in the country you inhabit, of which you didn’t have much say in, out of the thousands upon thousands who you see daily, of which … Continue reading

Knowing better

Dear dear, I wonder if we are in love. I don’t mean this as an insult to all two years and four months of us. Those individuals that we were, the individuals we have become, and those people we have yet to be are vital. They are important people, even if I don’t believe it … Continue reading

Elbow chess games

It’s weird having sex with someone who’s had it before. Not that I’m saying it’s not fun or anything. It’s just they are on you and then they move into positions they already know and they are comfortable and you’re bony so you move a bit, over there, yeah, and you clap and they clap … Continue reading

The law of gravity

Dear dear, I believe the world can be reduced to a few, simple physical principles. I don’t have the proof, nor am I seeking it. I could probably argue my way and just point to science and say looky here: there’s the answer somewhere. And then I can probably probe further as a good scientist … Continue reading

A love letter from a lover of letters

Dear dear, I fell out of love with you. Please don’t get upset. Please don’t stop reading there. Though sometimes an entire relationship can end in a sentence, don’t let ours halt at the period. Instead see the white around it, and know that there is always a space after the tiny dot. It may … Continue reading

Lava Queens and coffee moustaches

Dear dear, Last night, I slept in your bed alone. For the first time in our relationship, I was in it without the mould of your body around me or the huff of your breath in my ear. Your hair did not swim on the pillow beside me nor did your fingers tap-dance their way … Continue reading