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Burning fireflies

Maybe, in our very beginning, we were born from flint. When hit, we’d spark, and a new idea would burn its way into the forefront. The fire would consume everything around it, swallowing the sticks we built up, the passions we created, and the leftover bits we could muster with the strength of two hands. … Continue reading

Tied quarter notes

It would start off with fireworks. No – scratch that. Fighter jets. They’d spin and dip and twirl over the small bedroom. It’d almost be unbelievable but the creaking of the twin-size bed would be enough for the illusion. Creak. Creak. Muffled cries would drown out in the background. Wet kisses would swim from lip … Continue reading

The colour Mocha

I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you died. It was a Monday and I was out driving in the rain. There was thunder flashing in the sky, and I passed by an incandescent sign glowing a prosthetic green, and I thought about treating myself with the world’s best coffee. I’ll admit it – I never … Continue reading