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Forever 21

It was my birthday and I showered in the cold. For one reason or another, the heater didn’t seem to be working in the house. The faucet instead bled ice and each elastic band I had for a limb stretched into the water hesitantly. I tried to wash myself quickly. The globe around me was … Continue reading

Commercial Break

On the last day of Earth, Earl Milosc overslept his alarm. He was a veteran and a bachelor – a forgotten patriot with bones too rickety, eyes too weak, and hands too unsteady to do any useful work. He was 46, and as he slept, he flashed a yellow-toothed smile that had seen everything, from … Continue reading


No one knew it yet, not even me. As the fireworks roared over the moonlit water and the festive colours began to fade into the inky black of night, I thought that I would only wander. To France then to England. To continue on and on where my mind and body could. My worries would … Continue reading