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end of the line

both poets and tightrope walkers take it one line at a time * new year drinking old stuff from the fridge that may be from the last time i drank to not remember the year before that * the clock has kissed a new cycle and she goes in for a second celebration while i … Continue reading

a helicopter pilot, for example

it is said that i am half a whole but also a whole half which leaves me wondering why i am filled with hopes and dreams of what i am not having * as you grow you learn that drinking is bad for you because it eats away at you and your comprehension of bad … Continue reading

the civilization of antlers

  without you there’d be only an absence of existence that would eat up space only you could feel and fill with you * there are two things to live by in life the first is to not live by anything the second is to question anything that labels itself the first the third is … Continue reading

on point without points

got bones bragging about failed attempts cracking up about the spills that left me embarrassed to be me and embarrassed but the bones keep on saying i i i as though i’m supposed to hear it over the o o o and the people who watch and laugh that i’ve spilled my drink and will … Continue reading

breakfast in bed

love is the only word that has no meaning while still meaning all the other words said at once * i was asked to define love and i said it was the ability to not define anything and still understanding which left some confusion * love sees love by blinding all in binding hands held … Continue reading

forward future

the world only contains laughter if you silence your own and look long enough to not find it and realize that you wasted your time with the sea that massages the land and the birds that sing songs they barely understand and the people who you never got to know for you were always there … Continue reading


the dogs know what it means to not know meaning but to instead be without the worry of being and the weight that it holds for it was given its name by a master who knows better * i asked what can be done and the wind answered with the flowers that spread seeds to … Continue reading

first bloom never lasts

all i need is you but all you need is i, which is not me but you and which leaves me as i and alone * childhood picture on the toilet top like a shit that won’t flush but floats there despite the inventions of adulthood and modern plumbing that gives hope for fresh air … Continue reading

the last lighthouse

what went wrong when there was so much right before he says smoking haze blocking his eyes tumbling in his lungs lips lit red like a stop light until the night goes on door flapping open making wind and wishes of summer him drinking green liquid because it’s the cheapest thing at the bar where people … Continue reading

fetch boy

i have been trying to write more but writing more about writing more is writing less and trying too * days pass like dog’s piss no territory unfulfilled no yellow too cowardly despite the jumping and shedding into dust that will one day clog up a vacuum cleaner waste a grunt dirty a few fingers and … Continue reading