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the sun has a dark side too

even after the most beautiful moment there is still the ugliness of everyday to tackle and the night that suffocates the open wound of the sun in bloody vengeance with more wars on the horizon * slurping joy drunk at 11 alright gods my ass on the rail once more kneeling with wretchedness and myself … Continue reading

the daughter i always wanted

those who tell you the world doesn’t work that way are tired of their world not working and thus hope you deaf numb helpless are a solution to those untold * they healed me from open wounds but i realized then while holding onto them like a bandaid that i could not see beyond them … Continue reading


and then there he is in the middle of the sun that could’ve made for a beautiful day if he wasn’t in front of it and could’ve spread singly into a beautiful flower behind me if i weren’t there either, telling me as a gentleman would how he fucked my girlfriend in shaky, full arms … Continue reading


what if there was no what if but only there was * you should’ve seen me when i didn’t see me and focused on what i looked like to people like looking you * all are hurt only few heal only a few gaze from the garbage to the gases above that fall one lonely … Continue reading

empty fields waving

isn’t there a place where i can burrow myself deep and dirty in you without having to see others watching me hide in your shade like a sun behind a tree hoping not to burn those that need it like i soiled still and reaching for you against the empty space that suffocates the stars … Continue reading

toes and woes

the earth will stop dancing one day leading to won night but by then will you learn the music that i play lightly only for you and the world without ears will you recall the steps that it takes to take too it will you realize it is better not to be solo but to … Continue reading

slain plain

Friend, Do you think of me? Do you think about the bits of shredded pieces we spent together, the time colliding into short snippets of nothing to nothing, of everything to everything else? Do you think of that bar? That club? My room? Do you think about not thinking, how sometimes in the thick of … Continue reading

still birth

there is a space between where i wish to be where i was where i will be and where i wander currently and without the current   every moment i am adjusting to the idea that this emptiness between those dots is not horrifying but the very point of them and that the still waters … Continue reading

mother’s day

you need to cut your hair son for it does not lengthen your looks   but mom don’t you know i am bits of you and you are the most beautiful bits of me   and son you must listen to your father for he knows how to be a man   but mom don’t … Continue reading

beautiful being, insidious interior

the following is a hollowing. * your hands long to belong to me and shortly after i will kiss you for once not tasting myself * feel all fell fall and watch as the fires of autumn wilt in winter with her * the book reviewer wishes to write better than the book the critic … Continue reading