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To be-ard or not to be-ard

To be honest, I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s a weird feeling when the abstract combines with the concrete, and fact becomes fiction: I’m an idiot. It pains me to say it, but it’s true. I’m dumb. It’s not my fault exactly. Some may blame it on the fact that I was three months … Continue reading

An update, or something like it

What the fuck are you still doing here? This isn’t pornography. Nor is this a viral video, or even a humorous picture of a dog highfiving a cat. It’s wordography (well not so much graphs as it is words coming together to look like a a graph. For example, since I am already rambling along, … Continue reading

An ending

After about four months of exhausting over commas, pulling hairs over sentence structure, and deleting until satisfaction, it is finally over. All of it. I can go to sleep. I can rest. This – this – is the end. So I write, “the end.” Delete. I write again, “The end.” Delete. “The…” Delete. “End.” Delete. … Continue reading


Every story has a hero. Somewhere. * Laying on a porch in Georgetown, Missouri, with a yellow wave of sun washing away the creeping morning dew, and Ms. Jerrysmith laggardly waking to an imprint of a memory in between the frame of a dusty bed and a broken picture, and overhearing the listless lament of … Continue reading