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i have been preoccupied recently with measuring the size of all things. for example, my mother’s smile, how the edges of it flutter on the surface of the moon during a spotless night and simultaneously on the bright stage i have walked across during graduation. it is a fascination, a careful, educated observation that all … Continue reading


i am sat down slapped on the back fed beer after beer firmly told that i am a catch there are many women here i am told to look around my belly lurches it is all coming up kacper you will be fine you are fine it is all coming out i return from the … Continue reading

still here

how is it that after all this time i am still here writing these words that have gone no where certainly not to you * cut it out cut it all out remove the phone destroy the mailbox demolish the hydro towers stamp out the flames massacre the pigeons chop off all the hands cut … Continue reading