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capital yelling

and there SHE was cloaked in articles of light standing still on a spinning top holding it all together while i was out there doing THE THING so as to make it towards the OTHER THING which in that moment i could’ve sworn was HER against the crumbling city that was making me feel bad … Continue reading


i am worried that all the poems have gone and now they reside somewhere you don’t in the bareness of a page not yet written an idea not yet materialized a life that is spent trying to make it seem less trying and more living as i did with you when i did not need … Continue reading


can’t you see i am the big man and this is the revolution where is your pen where are you still on those things that do not matter like the cancer of nothing growing inside you in a delightful hug of wanting you will never feel for you forgot that i am feeling too moving … Continue reading

plato’s would

we are all leaving including her who said she’d always remain by your side until nothing is left which is here now greeting you in soft openness that only a lover would know   * am i awake because i am still sleeping beside you in your dreams or because i am not * it’s … Continue reading

the silence of the heavens

what poems do you have left you must give yourself to them not because they will be good or right or even worth writing but because they will be yours like nothing else even if the words are borrowed from people long since dead even if they’re stolen from a future you will not make … Continue reading


it is hard and will only get harder but every day you must find beauty in the often overlooked things like a wooden cabinet flaking away onto packed undergarments as a lover once knew like a day’s unrolling tongue spent on the last subway home with a little bit of wine and a lot of … Continue reading