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gills and gizzards

this is the arm the man mouths over birds which have my attention and admiration with their indifference to it and the string the man adds slings across here like tight underwear of a lover which these birds certainly have doves that never leave their partner even when used at weddings released by hands that … Continue reading

poker chips with poked chips

they tell you not to gamble which is good advice they’re gambling with but also bad because look you’ve gotten this far by taking a chance that i’ll say something worth your time sadly you lost and they won without even playing * if i were god the first thing i would do is prove … Continue reading

men go out to feed the family

what you heard is true: this is my body met and meated on a saturday when your clothes fell away like after a hunt in which you only found the woods and yourself a taste of you tipped on your tongue salivating what you heard is true: this is my body years of the same … Continue reading

old love

the most difficult thing will be to find love when there is no love and then remembering that love before love is different than love after love even more so than love during love which is always difficult for sometimes there is no love though love is said the most of any time * the … Continue reading

narcissus sprouting on the banks

a stream lives forever running off into me and my mouth against me if it has to even though i am mostly it and it is mostly me for i have swallowed too much and am letting it go back into it like a dog who prefers the leash for at least then there’s an … Continue reading

jean jacket missing a few buttons and teeth

it is a shame i am a failed computer i cannot restart myself from weighing this heavy loneliness that surrounds and suffocates like people on the subway that get off the next stop leaving a little while to breathe to recollect to miss even the warmth and bodies and knowing you’re here for they’re there … Continue reading

it’s either you or them

i say that i think there is still a language left to discover that leaves no confusion, though i’ll admit i don’t understand the thought myself * the dog bites its leg and i know now what it means to want more from yourself than you can provide * it is for these people who … Continue reading

much and more

the following are ums and awes, scratches and scribbles * how good it would be to know more is a thought i know less about because i only know bad * she left so much for so much * will you push or pull me towards you when i wait here aligned, centered and bored

wearing sins like earings

the crucifix is a disappointing sapling with us for its fruits fleshed like pears stripped like oranges rotten like apples with worms to the core * she pulls the rope to bring herself out of the water and the possibility of sharks lifting the knot around my neck high enough for me to swell with … Continue reading

innocent in white

every freckle a face and every bloom a flower making me wonder what’s left to devour and be stomached when i no longer do raspberries on you and can’t reach my my beer boomed and pregnant with an idea that shrinks by getting bigger like a planet or my penis that i haven’t seen either … Continue reading