Spaghetti knots

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man y

do museums exist for men? does art only know the women? where are those crinkled, collapsing sacs of flesh torn and asunder under things heavier than water and lighter than the sun? who draws their balls like rubber comets? when will someone demonstrate the sexless unsuccessful, the losers, the nobodies, those that deny categorization for … Continue reading

no no no

the following was written on a beach after soaking in julio cortazar and trying to be my own drunk star * did i visit spain did i actually visit spain did i get gorged by a bull pulverize a wave with my crescent head wake up with cooling coffee that will whisper a dream stated … Continue reading

the great master baiters

i am starting to think that picasso painted to just get the girls to slip into a sweet summer away from the warm wind and long lost days in front of that great death guernica les demoiselles the weeping woman arm pits bare breasts abound all the females in the world are in the museum … Continue reading


you know what i am looking for the wild words that hold me when others do not the dripping down my leg from a little life lived the deep hungry earth decomposing in the thrust of another season that thing that was there before love was all there was those thick words wet with the … Continue reading

egg hatched

opened to the distance of being in a bed with someone falling out of love with you here i am again softened by the want of kissing the corner of your mouth only to find it rounded like the sun that will set like the night scattered as flour edges cut like a cedar spring … Continue reading

battle of the nile

there laying in an attempt to watch the air in your hand it is the memory of the name of the widest river you used to know that flows out first when you are promising that this my arms my legs my body swimming with yours is it all there is to recall though your … Continue reading

the slow sad death of kacper niburski

against the longest winter even a struggling weed will be celebrated by sunlight when the snow is sloughed in the same way that love feels like melting like all things do eventually the pop you shouldn’t drink your family dog happy to see you the waters the moon the space between pulling your clothes off … Continue reading

about what

help i am alive which has been problematic since the beginning when it was said with floppy light that there was only life or death   what about the in between what about the night moon wanting to caress your head what about those who wonder where all feelings come from and if they can … Continue reading

cadaver dave

with you i sometimes think of i thoughtless   what will it be like to go where the gone goes what will happen to the dreams unaccomplished or conversations unfinished   where will the people who i only met once in a dizzying array of sunflowers seen too little and subways seen too much find … Continue reading

the anatomist

bones buried in air the anatomist exhales deeply and describes how the vein loops into the spacelessness of breath where there is liquid now but emptiness then   he goes on showing a figure of what it would’ve looked like if it didn’t look like this   he goes on illustrating that the vein is … Continue reading