Spaghetti knots

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the slow sad death of kacper niburski

against the longest winter even a struggling weed will be celebrated by sunlight when the snow is sloughed in the same way that love feels like melting like all things do eventually the pop you shouldn’t drink your family dog happy to see you the waters the moon the space between pulling your clothes off … Continue reading

about what

help i am alive which has been problematic since the beginning when it was said with floppy light that there was only life or death   what about the in between what about the night moon wanting to caress your head what about those who wonder where all feelings come from and if they can … Continue reading

cadaver dave

with you i sometimes think of i thoughtless   what will it be like to go where the gone goes what will happen to the dreams unaccomplished or conversations unfinished   where will the people who i only met once in a dizzying array of sunflowers seen too little and subways seen too much find … Continue reading

the anatomist

bones buried in air the anatomist exhales deeply and describes how the vein loops into the spacelessness of breath where there is liquid now but emptiness then   he goes on showing a figure of what it would’ve looked like if it didn’t look like this   he goes on illustrating that the vein is … Continue reading

this small eclipse

must i whisper through this dark that you are the heavy light that sweeps through the tears of summer saying all we have all we are is an old cat boxed in by the smell of a new day promising that as long as it is alive it won’t forget what it was to be … Continue reading


more more than this you must give me more   i am not armed for aimless love for the faded sundays under lazy fans the lukewarm spreading of a family dog the dispassionate mumbling between a blanket and duvet and the needless needing by tea left alone in the microwave   i am equipped with … Continue reading

b loom

april hangs from your eyes as you tell me you want a love so deep oceans would be jealous   do you forget i cannot swim   do you recall that i prefer one so deep that the spaces inside me that whisper for more like dresses sewn with sun or an appetite to have … Continue reading

always too much always

the following is supposed to be never again never again. * look and see that though you are hiding in the shadows the light was always you * if i go who will follow but the ghost of i still stuck waiting for whomever is gone and going elsewhere always away from i and i … Continue reading


blank look now at the end with a spine bent with a story that is heavier than the breath unbound   what is worse than the unread the unwritten what is longer than the novel the old   i am erasing you there to the brag of the unfinished the failed metaphors the depraved similes … Continue reading

you are too

here i am in all i am to be with all i was thinking that another universe must be possible   on the silent days lost in bed with a large cup holding the morning together i hear its hum   it is the whistling bird the broken wing the cocoon after the butterfly blossoms … Continue reading