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You’re late. I know. Like really late. I know, I know. Like you wouldn’t belie- I get it. So you’re impatient now, too? No, I wasn’t trying to be it’s ju- I am impatient. Oh. No reason to be surprised, Kacper. Again, I get it. If you do, then we might as well get started, … Continue reading

Character development

I’m worried about you, Kacper. I don’t mean this paternalistically or bordering on self-righteousness stemming from my own insecurities. Instead I’ve seen what you’ve been thinking about and I’m concerned not only for you, but for myself as well. I know, I know. Who am I to tell you otherwise? I’m just a little piece … Continue reading


The following was written for the essay “the best thing to happen to you.” * It was the song of metallic death that woke him. High pitch and shrill, the door cackled throughout Mort’s room. He tossed in his bed like a fish out of water, his rhythm matching the frequent creaks of the hinges. … Continue reading

A square

It’s happening again. Though I have already penned an epitaph, the Essay-a-week challenge is refusing to die. Numerous writers, myself included, have fumbled around week after week with the content. We could of been spending our summers soaked in sunshine. We could of been experiencing, rather than chronicling. And yet here we are again, reader. … Continue reading

An eulogy

It has come as it always would, and I think I should apologize for letting it happen this way. It wasn’t my intention. When I began this Essay-a-week, I didn’t think of the ending. If not evident in my writing, I didn’t think about very much. I just wrote one word followed by another followed … Continue reading

Superhero comics

In this post, there will be no feats of superhuman vocabulary or super speedy typing. This sentence took me about thirty three seconds to type, longer than that to think of, and more often than not, my vocabulary mirrors that of a well-read eight year old. The words “super speedy” are evidence enough, as is … Continue reading

The cycle of life

The following was written in anticipation of my thesis. The final copy was heavily edited. * When the scarlet red ribbon was cut revealing the naked gray building shaped no different than any of the other cement tombstones from the past, a murmur of hesitant disbelief crept through the large crowd. Ten years ago, the … Continue reading


“What words are good enough to convince someone not to kill themselves?” Shit. That’s how I started – with shit. My jaw was raw when the words slipped out. One by one, they stumbled, tripping over the syllables of another. I stuttered. I coughed. I waited in silence for the echo to fade. Silence waited … Continue reading

Words thrown to infinity

Sometimes I feel that all the good words have been stolen and I’m left to pick up the scraps. Perhaps why that explains why I write so inconsistently and choppy, but I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just my fault. Probably is. Below is a combination of those words that I wished were mine because though … Continue reading

A word, Kacper

You spent hours awake and then you found the answer. You found the Word you were looking for. It hadn’t been defined yet, and so you didn’t know what you were looking for back then and there. You tell yourself that you can’t be blamed for being lost when it never existed in the first … Continue reading