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Barstool balloons and bubbles

[An elementary school gymnasium. Pink hearts and red balloons are festooned everywhere. Occasional bubbles float in the air. Frank is sitting alone on a wooden barstool at a table covered in flowers.] Frank: Hi. #1: Hi. Frank. Pleasure meeting you; I’m Frank. #1: Hi Frank. Frank: And your name is? #1: Do you really think … Continue reading

The universe of jellybeans

It was impossible: the whole of the universe found its way in my palm. Of course, I didn’t know it then; I was six so such ignorance can be excused. Basic things eluded me. I didn’t know about ozonolysis. I didn’t realize the harms in trans fats. Hell, some days I couldn’t even urinate outside … Continue reading

Lava Queens and coffee moustaches

Dear dear, Last night, I slept in your bed alone. For the first time in our relationship, I was in it without the mould of your body around me or the huff of your breath in my ear. Your hair did not swim on the pillow beside me nor did your fingers tap-dance their way … Continue reading


In a Creative Writing course that began today, we discussed James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. As among the most difficult texts, it is a sprawling work of etymological wizardry, mythological references, and multiple emotional, fictional, and poetic layers. To say I understood some of it would even be false; it is a weighty treatise on the … Continue reading

Happy here

It’s a New Year, though I don’t know much about that. Things happen too quickly nowadays. One moment it’s one year and I’m sipping on a warm beer with a laugh bubbling in my throat; the next, poof – gone just like that. As soon as it came, the year went, and everything goes black. … Continue reading