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Working man, working post

Unfortunately, I’m employed. Now this isn’t inherently bad. I mean, I do make money. But because I am employed, I have to invest time into other “works”. Here is one such work. It is the fruit of my collective labour, along with reporting done by writers much more gifted than myself. While the criticism … Continue reading

A love poem

I once tried to write a love poem, But I couldn’t remember how it started. So instead I wrote on a bathroom wall: Love is sexist, It doesn’t treat women right at all. * Her hair tickled the back of his hand as he lay there pretending to snore. She was already well asleep, caught … Continue reading

Baseball diamond

With two sturdy hands clasped against a wooden steering wheel, he slowly backed from our stone driveway. Inch by inch, he descended. The numerous bumps, scratches, and dents glimmered in the sunlight as he honked a symphony of goodbyes. Our dog Bo barked back a tune of confusion all the while wagging his tail like … Continue reading

2011 was

2011 may have come and gone, but don’t expect a year to go by without anyone noticing it. Granted some people fail to remember their breakfast this morning and others, perhaps in a more worrying sign of absentmindedness, look back at the year only to wonder what they have to show for. The more astute … Continue reading