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a kiss’s pocket

she was reincarnated for five minutes after spending too long not being but still being impatient with being made to wait then after the separation of of and off ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff – she became a hot pocket in the hand of a thirteen year old telling her friends how hot pockets were the best which made … Continue reading

i am so sorry that being sorry is all i can be

i was told a family friend had four months left to live today. crying didn’t wash anything away, so i’m back here with all the life i got * i have taxes and expenses and those bills i still haven’t paid   yesterday i was told i was dying with four months to live   … Continue reading

the revolution of two

i see that the world would be made better if we crossed i’s but didn’t cross me * it is a shame that as children we feel no shame in reading to get lost while as adults we read to lose loss * i am a friend of a revolutionary who stole a car without … Continue reading

sunk drunk

since ruin the apple of eden fermented and it has been known that paradise is often found in drink and women who often lead to drink and more women * political movements can often be described as the mess the mass the miss the moss * all fish float but remember the depths * remember … Continue reading

cherubs and chair rubs

i wonder what it was like for eve to have adam first bite into her garden so deep that she was left breathless and felt that he hit her rib * sex excess for even in eden there is d * this is genesis 2 requiring recreation between born bodies and oceans that crawl out … Continue reading

you got fight in your heart, kid

my heart is the size of a fist that resists opening up to hold your hand   it needs to fight for there is only a little gate of white picketed fences to protect it from other hearts that punch harder and could break a rib or worse a man * what’s the matter is … Continue reading

sunny with rain inside

we are here to produce babies of art that make us hear ourselves in our work * the worst thing that humans have made are more humans who do worse things * i keep producing poems for you keep poetry productive * against the backdrop of infinity sometimes i don’t know is the best we … Continue reading

the golden ruler

sea shells release oceans with echoes of life that come back in reverse when oceans release sea shells with life in echoes * how to to: dance freely and listen to the tripping of your tongue * the real golden rule is knowing the difference between do unto others and do un to others * … Continue reading

light swallowed

to go on on to go one must realize one isn’t one but many together and tied trying to do the best for the them in themselves * darkness is the loneliness of others projected   and light is the projection of love * what does it say when an old lover who has seen … Continue reading

kite cut

there must be wind in my bones for they move me to the branches that bring me up to the top and let me hang there broken and rattling   a failed chime which no one listened to * after everything i have learned there isn’t everything in after and even less in i * … Continue reading