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In between the lines

If I could be in any book, I would want your curves to be my pages. My fingers would smooth themselves carefully over your corners, though I’d find it difficult to believe you had any straight edge on you. Your spine would bind each story, and each moment of blissful happiness coupled against each moment … Continue reading

Crumbling castles

Because no matter how many things are said, how many moments are shared, everything changes, everything grows older. Castles can crumble. Forests can be cut down. And two twins can stand where they were, 11 years after the fact, and not recognize it. I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes one thousand words are … Continue reading

Moments of absence

As I try to type, my fingers feel foreign and heavy. I’ve been gone a while, that goes without saying. My wrists crack over the keyboard and I can’t help but shift here and there and then here again in an attempt to find a comfortable position in my chair. Unfortunately, there is none. All … Continue reading