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I is a single sliver of many mes and one of the many yous shared by the all of wes * We’re sitting across from each other and there’s nothing to say except trying to make my interests more interesting my life more lively and my me more meaningful by including her and reminding her … Continue reading

Keeping an abandoned fort

She said I can’t keep keeping your keep and I didn’t know my sadness was tarnishing her like her sadness was tarnishing me and that we were stuck trying to see who is the most ruined by each other even as our eyes worsened by looking at us and so we hurt ourselves more by … Continue reading

What is left

What is left when we have gone apart after asking what is left from a relationship that only gave until there was little to give beside what is left which included your lost hairs and my letters lost and a toothbrush with what is left of a meal we made or bought but certainly forgot … Continue reading

constraints of company

Sometimes I just stare at this and wonder what the heck do I do now and then I remember something like this some of the times * I’ve been hiding in places I don’t fit since I was young and running away from my father who didn’t fit all that well either even though there … Continue reading

Where the grief goes

Where does grief go when it’s gone   maybe back to her and her smile   oh, there it goes again * I tried to write the world in a work but I didn’t want to get to the end of creation like this without you hearing about the beginning of how I tried to … Continue reading

A quick minute depending on how hard you hold

We could stay here forever or we could go back to the bar and drink a little more with our elbows on the top of our nest of peanuts people and piss in wrong corners where no one was looking until you did directed me to the washroom and to you in turn a romance … Continue reading

Moans and slurs and moarnings

Adulthood is the decomposition of children where each day is another death that whistles weary and forgotten by those few bodies who never learned how to whistle despite hearing it everywhere * How could we not talk after sharing each other in hugs and humps though I suppose we did not talk much during it … Continue reading

love hurts

Cut your grief to see its cancer displayed out infront of you and how starved it looks without you and how you scarred weightless bleeding don’t need it like it needs you * I loved us a lot but we died anyway * Sad is always especially when happy for it will be no more … Continue reading

The first instance of thunder before lightning

The most important moment in my life was sitting down breathing watching people walk their dogs outside and writing this poem * There’s a desire for understanding without understanding that we don’t understand ourselves and the others who listen understand less about us and sometimes about themselves and that makes us understand ourselves less and … Continue reading

Spaghetti with dirt meatballs

Fuck it all before it all fucks you by taking you to some place nice and high and important because you must be with an education that told you you could and a job that tells others they couldn’t and a family who you tell the coulds from the couldnts including you and what you’re … Continue reading