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the following is the but not The * am i only all of it or none a happiness or disappointment the one and only i or just another one * so many nights still and yet your heart is in darkness filling in the space with light things that will never sink stay drown in … Continue reading

lightning strike

today it was a woman with a limp newspaper above her head reading the headlines slipping down her face   she wept into her seat blue dress unfit for any season red heels stuck balancing sunsets   meanwhile the subway poured on the city filled with reflections of her a story played on the comic … Continue reading

the fridge is warm

i suppose that i wish to see you again when the times are less chaotic when there is enough to drink when there isn’t a catch when there is if only we catch up recalling how much we used to see each other even when drunk especially when there as chaos naked and burping and … Continue reading

they will question

what childhood held why no meal is left unfinished what her name was   they will say is this making any sense can a gun be shot into another gun did she just go away   they will wonder what was paris like in the winter when the waters roar green which dish people prefer … Continue reading

may may be

maybe they’re wrong when the blue night becomes fragile on the yarn of a sunken yawn playing between two waves that are still still waters but will one day see the world together until they crash into our naked laughter   maybe they’re wrong when the bar is already full with green sniffing the vinyls … Continue reading

thirsty thursdays

morning delayed by the bubbling smoke of night i am here drawn to the blood of a bar driven by people stuck like me with everywhere to go but everyone already gone stuck yawning the mouth of poetry from younger years like tomorrow where the dead no longer look for the living where if there … Continue reading

gun k

on the night i died my pants coughed on the carpet there was a distant football game with a score in a dead-even tie and you were still with her   there wasn’t much to see though i’d die sooner than admit it   a few streetlights curled on the streets speaking of what it … Continue reading


usually you let yourself in   to a door you swore you would paint to arms you said needed tattoos to a pattern   starting with your shoes dripping on to a recently vacuumed mat like a body out of water on the hottest summer day where one can feel their childhood baking back into … Continue reading

a room to one’s own

i sat down to write after a hot day in the city but hemingway was complaining of a headache again because joyce was saying how he wasn’t saying enough yet which he also said was much too say and bukowski was belching about there being too many boys here and flaubert was responding in a … Continue reading

650 bce

no one knew the exact years she died nor could anyone pin when she was born so you must understand that i did not believe it either when with dried onions for earrings and a black and white vertically stripped summer dress there she was still not still sappho the poet the undead reading with … Continue reading