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I have lost a train for I never built a track – Only a tunnel that ate up the light inside. * I birth universes from the biggest bangs and the smallest ones too. I create us with our poems, stories, and books. I shape art for future generations for my shape is art of … Continue reading


Are you ready for the interview, Sloan Thill? Is that a question? Yes. Are you? Again, yes. I just wanted to make sure this time was still convenient. I had signed up for it, so why wouldn’t it be? I just like to verify that everything is alright before I begin, if there was a … Continue reading

Angler fish

How have you changed? I still write at 0200, which is a sign that I might never go to sleep. I still sleep, which is a sign that I might never wake. I still wake and still prefer the lilacs in the rain and the summer’s yellow paint over a laundry line dotted with red underwear. … Continue reading


The following aren’t very good, but global warming promises to heat things up at the very least. * The winter rots In long shadows, Seeding familiar pots Of strange sorrows. A bike emerges From the snow; Croci scourges – The grass needs a mow. Where has winter gone? I am caught in eternal summer. Look … Continue reading

Last will

Dear dear, The Universe will die one day. I don’t know what that day will look like, particularly for a Universe like this with its buzzing and building and destroying bit by bit. I can imagine that it won’t be so unfamiliar, however. It’ll come very much on a day like today where a sun … Continue reading

Mona Lisa’s selfie

The following is about cheese, or at least saying it. * Daily Dose: Mona Lisa’s selfie Published Jan 12, 2014, The Silhouette I have rarely taken a good picture. More often than not, one can find me with a smile that hangs like a broken swing set, a lazy eye that would scare a zombie, … Continue reading

Resolutions and other things I lie about

The following is a year late. * Daily Dose: Resolutions and other things I lie about January 10th, 2014, Published in the Silhouette In elementary school I always had difficulty remembering which year it was. On each assignment that required a date, one could often find a scribbled number that hid my embarrassment. 2006 and onwards … Continue reading

Why you should quit

The following should be acquitted from judgement. * Daily dose: Why you should quit January 9th, 2014, Published in The Silhouette I was told that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time. Otherwise you might find yourself wondering what the hell went wrong with your hands … Continue reading

Vaginal swabs and grand openings

The following made me sick. * Daily Dose: Vaginal Swabs and Grand Openings January 8th, 2014, The Silhouette It was the vaginal swabs that caught my eye first. In wire thin black marker, the words were embossed on a plain white box. The corners of the white cardboard were ruffled, a deep crevice bled into … Continue reading

Writing a wrong

The following says nothing at all, and so too does this. * Writing a wrong September 20 2012, Published in the Silhouette It’s Saturday night again. Sun-kissed blonde hair sprinkles in front of your face as you sip the cold coffee on your desk. Your eyes hurt but you cannot rub them. Not now. Not … Continue reading