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Lessons learnt from the Internet

As it stands right now, distances are measured in mouse clicks, firewalls are neither on fire nor a wall, and a billion people sign onto a service every day that they do not quite understand. You have done this too, dear reader. In fact, you’re doing it right now. Here in this foreign world, you … Continue reading

Why I write … poorly

There is no doubt that the English language is rich. Ooze, capitulate, drudgery, mellow … the list of marvelous words is long. But despite its unparalleled wealth, I do English injustice each time my pen trudges itself onto paper. Instead of bounding letters together with the weave of my ballpoint pen, instead of creating sentences … Continue reading

Moments in between

Sometimes, life comes out of nowhere. It pops up like a kernel, guns a-blazing. Some people scream in response. Others cry. Doctors scramble under its potentially trigger-happy command, giving into all its demands. Amphetamines. Heart monitors. Incubators. And so on. Please. Just don’t take my life, they hope. Humanity’s skin of blood and sweat is … Continue reading

The blueprint of life

Beginning at the beginning, which may very well be an end, we find ourselves. Squeezed into an imperceptibly dense spot, our entire mass is but a fist. Clenched, furiously shaking, and self contained, we are covered by a blanket of darkness. Beyond us, we cannot see what lies ahead. We wonder if anything does. It … Continue reading

The declaration of independence

If I am ever doomed to a catatonic state – not that there is anything wrong with being consciously or unconsciously frozen, it’s just I like wiggling my toes once and a while – then this is a letter to myself. It is also a prayer of sorts. It is also a will of other … Continue reading

And so on

Odd. Despite the hairs that riddle my face, the deeply sonorous voice that resonates as I speak, and the responsibilities that come moseying along my way with age, I am still a child. Perhaps it is because of the deep seeded belief that growth isn’t measured chronologically. One may very well be followed by two, … Continue reading

A love story

Dear you, This is for those moments left unfinished; those pauses where I still ponder what wonders could of cascaded from your lips, those wishful moments spent lost in between your eyes and your nose, and those fingerprints left on your skin like a pilgrim leaving a trail of stones. It is for when you … Continue reading

My father: a someone

I was only five when my father told me he was going to die. He looked me in the eyes – without a tear, without a smile, without anything – and said in an English accent pregnant with sternness beyond its years and a hint of pending sadness, “What’s done is done.” He had been … Continue reading

Beep, Beep

Beep, beep. Beep, beep. A machine calls out generously. It doesn’t have to do this: the beeping and all. But for one reason or another, it does. Call it philanthropic. Call it subservience. Whatever one decides to do, remember that some things never beep. In fact, most things that exist aren’t even generous. The Universe … Continue reading

Snoozing for a bruising

The sun passes through the curtain of my eyelashes. I check my alarm clock. It’s four in the afternoon. I have just woken up. With a yawn plastered across my face, I have never been happier. It’s not every day that you can sleep the day away. In fact, it’s not every day you can … Continue reading