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i think i am supposed to tell you i am sorry, but i forget the words. not what they are; how to say them. where the b doesn’t look so pregnant with desire and the i isn’t disconnected from a circle that includes you. there i am, on the outside, a crescent moon birthmark on … Continue reading


you said that he was love, that he was tough too, that he would teach you the soft poetry you could use in a knife fight. there was some blood. it was inevitable of course. he was a dog person. big pit bulls. those that would bark at you but coo under him. he said … Continue reading


how many more times can i love you, can i listen to your laughter calling my name. i am in the green, dressed in it, wearing it in its first forms and words. the pants ride up. the socks look like roots. you tell me how you are lucky to see me as i am, … Continue reading


you will first come to understand her. you will begin to look across the room for her. you will hold her head like night nestles the stars, tired from being the only light that cracks through. you will tell her that she is the only her. you will love her. you will buy her things. … Continue reading

tea please

let it be told that i fell in love with a cloud. let it be told that it was a tuesday, that it hung like rain without it. fluff dipped under a happy blue sky. the edges were headed to the future. years ago i eyed it not knowing what it would become. there was … Continue reading

at first sight

so it was love and now what it is isn’t bad either   standing in a stuck room waiting for lights   listening to a door explaining that the only real thinking left to do is in your dreams   seeing morning crawl over what used to be a mountain but now is a mall … Continue reading

watch me repeat me

i will admit to you only that this is not the life i wanted to live that i toiled in poetry i could never learn to write that there was a story that would require no more to be read i did not voice that often i was too loud too quick to judgment including … Continue reading


this is how it’ll end   with sunshine and the dog still on a walk moving through the snow banks in a crystal chasm of what could’ve been if only the day was a little bit longer and the night wasn’t so long   with you smiling a warm light filling happiness shared between your … Continue reading


i’ll be a minute one second just need to go to the bathroom to make that smile once more that feeling of being filled with light generous warmth that eats into me devours me consumes my body whole for i have let you in again to knowingly and timelessly ruin my life once more * … Continue reading

i n d

in beginning there was nothing in the end there will be less in the middle there is you telling me in a language i cannot name that the sun is fading and the clouds are just misunderstood lakes and that you can’t do this thing anymore that you’ve been waiting a while to say it … Continue reading