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the bloods

keep me on tempo with the gang of heart flutters and what she said to me shadowing over a night one last night let this be the night where the crazy comes sane the sane slips to you and you move to me till morning generous on the horizon not slowing down no matter the … Continue reading

grenade, lemonade

i have lived my life as though i died thirty years ago as though i were a soft murmur of snow before the avalanche as though i am in a woods i do not know the name of shaking off the cold into a fire from trees that have grown for hundreds of years until … Continue reading

flu season

i drill through the city with a subway that weeps each morning about a blue print to a million other lives than this   they say that some of the microbacteria from thousands of years are being unfrozen from the glaciers because of climate change   why is this place so cold where is the … Continue reading