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Christmas list

If Santa is watching me, let it be known that I have been naughty. Instead of honesty, I have often lied. Instead of kindness, I have often begrudged. Instead of admiration, I have often run away from anyone who cares for me. But I do not write here in hopes of redemption. Nor do my … Continue reading

Finally finals

As finals escalate into climax, I finally have something worth saying: don’t worry. That is a little hard to swallow – I’ll admit it. Whether political science, organic chemistry, or physics, the phrase “don’t worry” doesn’t prop into textbooks and frankly, seems far from achievable. During this week, our lives are tantalizingly shown before us. … Continue reading

Blonde beauty

By far, the clean up is the dirtiest part. Before it, she doesn’t have to worry about how she looks, how they look, and how anything looks really. Things blur. A room disappears. Two become one. After, though, everything changes. A smile, a smear, crumbled hair; it all means something. Smiles, and there’s enjoyment. Smears, … Continue reading


“Why do they call you Champion,” she said with a smile nuanced by curiosity. Her eyes danced about his figure captured in a shirt too big, shoes too small, and colours all wrong. If one were to look at him from afar as his hand played hide-and-seek with blades of grass caught in the walls … Continue reading