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the following is following is * give me me that bad body that’ll pick up when wiping out of my mom’s vacant room where the darkness is too blinding and the light has been known to tip the cold with a twin that wants to save his soul left there in the place of death … Continue reading

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the following are not the the, though the ends too * love me until i love me * you are made of galaxies that didn’t make it but that one day can figure out how much failure can be created through all you are and mostly aren’t * are you the smoke of the cigarette or … Continue reading


in the grey ground where the bodies grow green i tried to excite you just as you were sleeping after the dawn that died with still too much to do in a city that no one saw like this at night where the buildings stand alone occupied as stars in slumber if only you would look … Continue reading

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this is the taste of death but i cannot be hurt with the years that have gone since you have spending years trying to not be you which is such a you thing to do yawning years slugged into unconcern quiet as a growing flower will when the forest comes in vengeance of all the life … Continue reading


the following are aren’t * hello goodbye nothing else * smoky stars eyes focused street on and on * first date went well with no second * i am sorry that when writing i didn’t have you in mind i was trying to figure out my own * regardless of what you heard its all … Continue reading

b years

i am not drunk look it’s just that the flowers hold no colours for night leaving loneliness to bloom with those things left still unsaid since the time of creation where even then in closed eyed nothingness i missed you and couldn’t see you growing up into that beautiful woman who would ask more questions … Continue reading

all of all

i am told i must remember that this is better than what was then but i am eight and running with my dog who later died to an echo of my grandma saying that heaven held no humans only lost pets waiting for pats like sunsets glowing at themselves in a mirror spent on years … Continue reading


where the time weeps how are your poems did you notice those that read at dark about the dark did you see the poor blasting the poorer what of the cars left littered waiting for a dead battery to move again those that seep loneliness only a forgotten language can speak did you close yourself … Continue reading

then better than then

i remember when you were unforgettable like the ocean hugging a lonely log filled with so much desire to farm the world of its oxygen and give it all back to dirt and flowers born yet without heads for they are recalling yours sniffing seeds of the past that swore to never let go of … Continue reading

sorry i’m late

don’t you miss the days of knowing how to get back here to the poured place where birds warn against the morning’s warm slaughter and the crowds sigh against the other team’s score and what of those atoms scratching at my window to see me late at night thinking of no more than a bundle … Continue reading